Thursday, 31 August 2017

Masters of Scrap - Week 4 and Final

It's week 4 of the Masters of Scrap Competition this week we are asked to do another 2 scrapbooking pages using the following scrapbooking styles.

Style: The Abstractionist


Your layout must FEATURE brushwork. 
-- For this requirement, we're asking you to show off how well you can use Brushes as everything. 
-- Brushes include .ABR files, .PNG files with brushwork, digital stamps, and masks, etc.. 
-- Adding additional non-brush embellishments is okay.
Your layout must invoke Abstract Art design. 
-- Hints: Abstract Art is defined as art that does not attempt to represent external reality, but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colours and textures.

I've never tried this style before but I have to say this was fun and I will be trying this again.

I used the following: Cloned Doodles by Dawn Inskip Scrapart Starts 7 By Nancie Rowe Janitz Artbook by Val C Gesso Overlays by Dawn Inskip Birds in Flight Brushes 1 by Creative Victorian Designs Group Therapy iDSD 2013 Freebie by Digiscrap addicts

Eclectic Tournament


Your layout must include a minimum of two photos.
-- There is no maximum count of photos.
Your layout must include a minimum of 10 different KINDS of embellishments. 
-- Embellishment kinds to choose from include ribbons, string, stitches, flowers, leaves, buttons, fasteners, clips, frames, word art, paint, stamps, tags, flair, journal cards, staples, tape, stickers, brads, scatters, chipboard, etc.
Your layout must include a minimum of 3 DIFFERENT embellishments of each KIND. 
-- For example: 3 different ribbons, 3 different strings, 3 different flowers, 3 different leaves, etc. In other words, if you add an eyelet to your layout, you must add a total of 3 DIFFERENT eyelets to your layout.
-- Yes, this means your layout will have a minimum of 30 different embellishments (10 different kinds of embellishments x 3 different embellishments for each kind = 30).
Your layout must include 5 different patterned papers. 
-- Solid textures will not count as patterns.
Your layout must include journaling and a title.
AND your layout must pull products from at least 3 different kits by 3 different designers (or more).


Thursday, 24 August 2017

Masters of Scrap - Week 3

It's week 3 of the Masters of Scrap Competition this week we are asked to do another 2 scrapbooking pages using the following scrapbooking styles.

Style: The Shape Shifter


Your layout must seamlessly blend/composite three (3) or more different photos together. 
-- For this requirement, we're asking you to show off how well you can blend photos together into a montage. There are a number of ways to do so!
-- Blending the edges of photos together to create a seamless connection is okay. 
-- Using blend modes is okay. 
-- Using photo, page, or layer masks is okay.
-- Creating an extraction is okay.
-- Developing a double or triple exposure is okay.
-- Adding more photos (after the original 3 blended photos) is okay. Additional photos do not have to be blended.
Your layout must include a title. 
-- Titles must feature a font.
-- Titles can not include alphas. 
-- Adding other title work in addition to fonts (i.e.: layer styles, embellishments) is okay.
Your layout must include journaling.
AND the photos must have been taken by you or someone you know personally! 

Here's my page, I took these photo's of my Mum's Tree Peony over a few days the merged photo's show how the bud opened up to become the final photo in the frame.  I used a number of photomasks to create the merged image.

Wordart is from a kit by Mediterranka Words Mix 4, the masks are from Cottage Art called Artistry 1 & 2

Style: The Traditionalist


Your layout must include 3 or 4 photos (nothing less and nothing more). 
-- Photos cannot be smaller than 4 x 6 inches (rectangular) or 4 x 4 inches (square). (Larger than 4 x 6 inches is okay).
-- Photos must be in the shape of a rectangle or square.
-- Only minimal photo processing allowed -- no special effects (cropping, fixing white balance, fixing colour, converting to black and white, adding a stroke, etc. are okay).
Your photos must be arranged into a storyboard
-- For this requirement, we're asking you to use photos in sequence (first, second, last) that tell a visual story. Like a photo journalist. And then arrange your photos into a storyboard
-- If you're unsure how a storyboard relates to scrapbooking, look here.
Your layout must include a title. 
-- Titles must feature an alpha. 
-- Adding other title work objects (i.e.: fonts, word stickers, embellishment) in addition to an alpha is okay.
Your layout must include journaling.
-- No restrictions.
And your layout must look realistic -- like a paper scrapbook layout. 
-- Hint: It's all in the shadowing.

This is more my normal style of scrapbooking although it was hard having to stay to just the allotted photo numbers and sizes. This is my OH and I putting up his shed a few years ago.

Kit used Fallen Leaves Collection Designed by Aimee Harrison Design font used Arial Narrow Alpha used from main kit and AHD Bookish kit

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Masters of Scrap - Week 2

It's week 2 of the Masters of Scrap Competition this week we are asked to do another 2 scrapbooking pages using the following scrapbooking styles.

Style: Day Dreamer

This was my first go at this style of scrapbooking, although I have seen this type of page done before I never realised it was a specific style.  I did enjoy it but I'm not sure if it's a style I will go back to.

My inspiration came from the photo's I took last year in our local wood.  All the animals are extracted from photo's I have taken this year.  The pug is my girl Roxy and she is my inspiration for this layout I added the Zoo animals from the photo's I took at Marwell Zoo back in April.  I love how the photo of Roxy is just laying there watching the giraffes go by and how the jaguar is coming out of the trees at the back.

I only used a few things from kits as this was mainly about the photo extraction and placement.  

1 paper was used as a background so I could use the blend mode Luminosity.

2 birds were used from one kit to add a bit of colour and interest to the top of the trees 

Paper from a kit called Needs + Wants by a company called Live Designs Birds are from a kit called Aviary Paradise by a company called Daisy Trail

Style: The Geometrist

This is what we were asked to do: Your challenge is to create a digital scrapbook layout based on the style of Geometrist:


Your layout must include photos. ALL photos must be circular or oval in shape.
-- You may use circles and ovals together.
-- There is no minimum or maximum amounts for photos.

Your layout must include a combination of three (3) different kinds of geometric-based shapes (for example. squares/rectangles, triangles and hexagons, OR triangles, diamonds, and pentagons, OR etc)
-- Squares and rectangles will be counted as one (1) kind of shape.
-- Circles and ovals will not count toward this requirement. You can use them, but they won't count.
-- There is no maximum amount of shapes -- add as many as you want.
-- Shapes can be created using ANY kind of product.

Your layout must exhibit asymmetrical balance.

AND your layout must demonstrate a strong use of a colour palette/colour story. In other words, your layout will be judged on how well you use, mix and balance the colours together.
This took me some time I've never tried this type of scrapbooking before. I have tried my best to follow the instructions, I hope I've done enough I do love the effect I've got. I've attached the colour wheel I have worked with.

Kits used First Light by Aimee Harrison Designs and the kit Life is Good by Pink Reptile Designs and Val C. Fonts used are Brush Script MT and Berner Basisschrift 1

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Masters of Scrap Competition 2017 - Week 1

You may have come across the website Scrapaneers, this is very much an education site were you can purchase classes to help you gain new skills using mostly Photoshop.  They do also have a number of free classes to.

Well this month they are running a competition for the very first time, where you are challenged to produce a scrapbook page within a style of a type of scrapbooker.  
So just what is the Masters of Scrap Competition?
8 Tournaments. 24 Tournament Winners.
Two tournaments per week.

The Minimalist & The Free Spirit - Week 1
The Geometrist
The Eclectic
The Traditionalist
The Day Dreamer
The Shape Shifter
The Abstractionist

Here's my take on The Minimalist

I don't normally do minimalist pages so this was a challenge I've been working at this for a couple of days, as I couldn't get a look I was happy with.  I do love this photo of me, as Steve managed to snap this when I wasn't looking and I love how it looks in black & white.
The main kit I used was from Dawn Inskip Designs called Believe in Yourself 

The second page I had to do The Free Spirit

This was fun I've never tried this style before, I thought this would be a hard style for me but I really enjoyed the process and I can see me having ago at this style again. This is our Roxy a mad pug when she was still a puppy. I cut out the image of Roxy and then added a paint effect, I blending the photo into the background paper and then added the gesso etc to give a layered look.
I used kits all from Dawn Inskip Designs: Furbabies, Life is Good, Woof, Gesso Overlays I also used the font: Rusty Bucket

Well that's the first week done, Monday we find out which are the next two styles we get to work with.  Its been nice to get back into scrapbooking again its been a long time since I've done any pages due to taking a break due to a shoulder injury.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Bloobel July 2017 Progressive Challenge - Diver

This month we had to use the diver stamp it was up to us if we wanted to use the crab etc to go with it

Once I had coloured this up I cut this out with my Scan'N'Cut 

I used a number of scrapbooking kits to make this card

Friday, 30 June 2017

Bloobel June 2017 Progressive Challenge - Fantasy Creatures

For June we had the choice of using "Fantasy Creatures" 
The challenge is to create something using the fantastic creature of your choice from this section of the store:

Here he is coloured up with copics, sorry I forgot to do progress photo's.

Well it's taken me a week to get this coloured and framed I wanted this as something I could have on the wall. Dam shoulder injury keeps getting in the way.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Bloobel May 2017 Progressive Challenge - Bored At Work

 I think we can all relate to this one.  For May Lisa has given us this stamp to colour and use somehow

Here's my finished card

Friday, 28 April 2017

Bloobel April 2017 Progressive Challenge - Flower Garden

This month we have a flower theme. 

The challenge is to choose one of the characters from the "Flower Garden" collection here:

Here's my finished piece I'm really pleased with how good it now looks. You can find Lisa's stamps

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Security Guard Card

I can't believe that this April it will be 5 years that Steve and I have been been dating (ooh don't you just love such an old fashioned word). We didn't have the easiest start as we were living 200 miles apart. But when its right its right and though it all we've grown stronger and stronger.  

We both hit that land mark birthday in the next year or so and Steve last year decided to see if he had what it takes to become a Security Guard, so he paid to go on a course got his qualifications and then paid for his licence, which meant he could now work anywhere they needed Security.  He loves it and although he's only been doing this at the weekends since March he's managed to do quite a number of different one's.  So as it was coming up to our Anniversary I wanted to make him a card that I hoped he would just love.

Bloobel has a stamp called Security which was just perfect

Here's the finished card which he loves which we have to have on show in our bedroom all the time.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Colouring Pictorial with Disco Fever March 2017

For March we are using the subscription stamp that Lisa sent us these stamps are only available to members  

Here I've done the skin and hair sorry I forgot to photo more stages I also flipped the stamp

Here's she is finished, I haven't decided yet how I want to finish her of  but I am really pleased with how shes ended up